Saturday, March 6, 2010

It's hard out here for a gimp.

Me, post-op.  So it's an awful picture, but you get the point.
 (photo skills by Allan) 

My surgery was Tuesday, and unfortunately it didn't go as planned.   Allan patiently waited for me in the waiting room, and at about hour 3, Dr. Valaik came out to speak to him.  He let Allan know that he had been spending the whole time trying to get a piece of hardware out of my hip that had been there since my last hip operation (from when I was 3 yrs old!).  So much bone had grown over and around it, that it was almost impossible to get out.  The Dr. had to use some kind of diamond head tool to basically chisel the plate out of my bone.  Ew. Terrible, I know.

The doc said that it would be wise to wait for the actual hip replacement surgery for two reasons:

1. So my bones could mend from the holes and chisels that were taken from my bone. (This still gives me the eebie jeebies.)

2. There were tiny bits of metal remnants that are still left in my leg (apparently, he got out as much as he could) that could interfere with the new materials that he would be putting into my hip. Therefore, resulting in a hip replacement that would wear out much more quickly and only last half of the time that it is supposed to.

Dr. V said that 6-8 weeks would be in ideal time for me to come back for the surgery and get the new hip.  Poor Allan, he had to tell me all of this just after I got out of surgery.  Good thing I was still extremely doped up, because I don't think I actually "got it".  I still don't really.  I mean, I understand why and all, I just wish it could have been done and over with.  The more I ponder on it, the more it bums me out.  So, I am trying my best not to linger on it and move on.  This is something that is out of my hands.  I know that this is all happening for a reason, I'm learning a valuable lesson from it, and blah, blah,'s just hard.
I need to stay postitive and think of it as phase 1 of a 2 step process...yeah, that's it. (sigh)

Practicing walking with crutches the day after surgery! 
(Note the fancy socks)

This leads me to where I am now.  Home. Recovering. Rehab.  I'm actually very glad I am home.  No more nurses jabbing me with needles and making me their living, breathing pin-cushion (getting the IV in my vein took 3 tries, ending in a blood bath on the floor that was wiped-up nervously with white towels making me extremely teary-eyed right before they wheeled my into my operation. yeah, no bueno.), AND no more tubes and catheters making me feel all sorts of uncomfortable.

Anyways, I hobble around the house on my crutches, taking tours of the rooms in circles, and I am already learning how to do lots of things by myself. I have a cool claw-like device that helps me pick things up on the floor--I've been having tons of fun with that.  But you know, they need to invent something that picks up your claw from the floor when you drop that too!  That's a dilemma. Hee, hee...
I also have this other stick/lasso device that helps to lift my leg up onto the couch or bed without having to have another person physically lift it themself.  Thats helpful.  Damn, I'm such a granny!

Allan has been an amaaaazing murse (man-nurse).  He has been changing my dressings and bandages, helping me put on my TEDS (these awful thick ugly white stockings that I have to wear so that my legs dont get blood clots).  He's been making my meals, letting the dogs out, and making sure I have plenty of things to read and movies to watch.  I don't know what I am going to do when he goes back to work on Monday!  I am so grateful for having such a great husband.  Honey, I am not saying this because of the oxycodone, I swear.  xo

All in all, I like to think I am in good spirits.  I'm determined to get around on these gimp-sticks, and my physical therapist is coming again on Monday to help me with new exercises to practice at home.  I may not be able to physically practice yoga like I used to, but I can still do as much as I can seated, just to stay sane.  I think this will be a good time to practice yoga "off the mat".   I will still practice my pranayama (breathing) and meditation, read lots of yoga texts that I never had the time to get to, and do whatever minimal movements that I can do with my limited mobility.

I can do this.  I will do this.

 Thank you everyone for the well wishes and love.  You have no idea how nice it is to read facebook messages, emails, and texts from all the people you love, knowing that they are all behind you 100%.  I thank my lucky stars everyday that universe has blessed me with such awesomeness.

Love & Namasté.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Going in!

Ahhhhh! Okay, tomorrow I'm going in to surgery!  Wish me luck, send me prayers...soon I will be Mischelle "Bionic" Storm! haha! 
 Love you all!  xoxo