Monday, June 9, 2008

Adios PR!

So here I am, staring at all of these Puerto Rican, Daddy Yankee-looking dudes packing away my things. I'm wondering if they are like, "Wow, this chick sure does have a lot of crap." Today they are packing our things into boxes, and tomorrow they will packing those boxes into crates. They will then go to the shipyard to be shipped far, far, away...and I won't see any of it for about a month. This week has been stressful, and hectic to say the least. Allan and I are "trying" to make the best of our last moments here without making it all about moving. Yesterday morning we went to "our beach". We nicknamed the little secret spot 'Kudda Beach' because it has lots of little baby barracudas in the water, and that name has funny high school reference that some of you readers may know. ;) Hakuna Matata! Ha,ha... I hate making inside jokes on this thing, but I had to... It was a lovely morning full of fun in the sun, then we had to come back only to realize we had SO much to do. We are at least trying to balance it all out. Its a tad overwhelming.
AN-Y-WAYS, once again, like in Thailand, I am figuring out that I am really good at charades. I think it might be the actor in me, who knows? Either that, or the fact that I enjoy running around like an ape trying to get my point across to people who don't speak Ingles. Its loads of fun. Yay. These dudes could care less about what they are doing. You can tell they are hungover, and they are wrapping my stuff up in brown paper like its a race to see who can finish first so they don't have to buy the first round. There is no motivation...I just want them to take care of my things as if they bought it themselves with their $5.25/hr paychecks....Geez, that's all I'm asking for! My back aches, and I am a fancy Vegas-style buffet to the mosquitoes. Sorry, I am crabby. Guess I need to get to the grind and contribute my energy to something useful. I can't wait until this is over with. Buh.

P.S. I think one of the guys is super hungover and puked in my backyard.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Update from the PR

- I am back from Thailand, and I made it alive! No malaria.
- I FINALLY reunited with Allan, so you will no longer have to hear me whine and bitch.
- I have permagrin.
- Allan graduated from OCS, and looks incredibly handsome in his whites.
- We are back in PR getting ready for our move to PA.
- Its taking longer than we thought.
- I got a tattoo while in Houston
- I miss my dogs like crazy (seems that I am always missing someone these days)
- I will post pics of everything soon, promise.

Sorry So Short...Longer Letter Later! xoxo

Saturday, May 3, 2008

4/6/08 BFD!!!

Can I go home now???….I am having a BFD! (Bad Fred Day)

drop dead fred


We spent most of the weekend in Nong Khai. We hired a chauffer with a nice huge van, and my Aunt, Fred, my Mother, and I all headed northwest. We made the trip so that I could meet the rest of my family. It was about a 4 hour drive there, Thai time (with many relaxing stops). During the first couple of hours driving, the skies were sprinkled with a bunch of yellow confetti-like butterflies. It was beautiful! On the way there, we passed the town with all of the cantaloupe, another broom and handmade basket town, and the coconut town. I had many “Elaine” moments in the van on the way there; if you are a Seinfeld fan you may get this. (If not, there was an episode where she was on a crowded bus, and she gets very annoyed and was screaming her thoughts in her head-very funny stuff.) We finally get to Nong Khai and go shop at the outdoor market and had lunch. Fred was extremely hot and annoyed with the idea of shopping, so we took him to the hotel and checked him in. We went back shopping afterwards. The hotel was The Royal Mekong Hotel. It was okay; it is right on the Mekong River and probably equivalent to a Holiday Inn. It had an incredible view of Laos and the Mekong River and had a nice pool area. I crashed with my Aunt again, and hung out downstairs and attempted to use the Internet in the lobby. My Uncle and his family were staying there as well. It was so nice seeing my Loong (Uncle) Suchat for the very first time. I have heard so many stories about my Mom’s brother. When we first met, we both couldn’t stop staring at each other and we were giggling like little school children. He has a smile that beams like the sun. We all went to dinner: My Aunts, Uncle, his children (my cousins), and his grandchildren. We had a very nice time. At dinner my Uncle gave me a very special Buddha medallion that he wears around his neck, and told me to keep it to protect me. It was a very sweet moment; I thanked him in Thai as my eyes welled up with tears. I was so frustrated that I couldn’t really communicate with him, but I think he knew and could tell how grateful I was.

My cousin, Neung, married an older Englishman (she’s 33 and he’s 61!) that is an actor, writer, and teacher in the U.K. (Side note: Okay, this was odd because he’s a year older than my Uncle…Does he call him Dad????) Anyways, his name is Alex, and we spent majority of the evening talking about theatre and different shows that we have done, etc. It was so nice talking to someone that has similar interests as me. He is a very smart, and witty older man (old enough to be my Dad), and has an incredible resume at that. He has a book out on called, Bilingual Shakespeare: A handbook for teachers. If you know anyone that use this text- spread the word! He comes from a family of actors and artists, and says that Helena Bonham Carter is a 2nd cousin of his (that he “never keeps in contact with-but should”) Uh, yeah. You think? He uses great words like, stodgy, fellow, lovely, pompous, and says “right” all the time. I love it! He said that I need to come visit him and my cousin in England, and I just might have to take him up on that offer!
On the way home, we went a different route. We passed the corn town, the banana town, the Dr. Seuss-looking tree town, the pineapple town, the rubber tree farm (which my Mom kept calling out, ”Hey honey, look at the tire trees!” Ha, ha!!!! Every time we passed an Esso gas station, I’d miss Allan, Puerto Rico and the infamous papas wedges (aka: drunk food). Then we passed the Eucalyptus tree farm, and then last but not least, the live lizard, locust, and ant egg stand!!! Mind you, this is all for FOOD! Oh yeah, we pulled over--I’ve got pictures!!!! Don’t worry; I wasn’t THAT BRAVE!!!! YUCK!

It was a great trip; I shopped a little, ate a little, and played with my “new family” a little. I wish Allan were here to enjoy all of this with me.


So I have about 1 week left in Thailand (not counting the traveling days back to the States), and I have learned these things so far:

- Even though I have met my family for the 1st time at the age of 29, I love them unconditionally and feel like I have known them forever.
- This journey has been a true testament to my own strength, control, patience, and will power. Something that I have always needed to work on.
- I spent a couple of lazy afternoons reading Eat, Pray, Love. Thank you Amy for giving me such a perfect book to read on this trip. It was incredibly inspiring, and I will pass it on to you next. J I love you.
- Thai people are amazing and generous people, even when they don’t have much, they have so much to give.
- I have no qualms with drinking wine out of a box, but I do not like Thai wine.
- Distance really DOES make the heart grow fonder. I knew this before, but I feel I truly know it now.
- Mosquitoes love me whether they are in Houston, Puerto Rico, or Thailand.
- My Mother is like the earth, with so many layers that have yet to be revealed to me. This trip has caused me to be able to reach depths that I have never seen before, and a longing to learn and understand her more, until I reach her core.
- I want to travel the world, and see places that only I have dreamed about. This is only the beginning.
- Cold showers aren’t that bad.
- I am a far braver person than I had ever believed myself to be, or given myself credit for. And damn it, I’m giving myself credit NOW.
- I’m too happy in my life, and don’t have the time or energy to be angry with petty people. I’d rather focus on the one’s that I love, and want to be around. Mai pen rai. (No worries.)
- My hair is a curly pubis-like afro in Thailand, much as it is in Puerto Rico, if not more so.
- The empty place in my heart has been filled, and now I have a greater understanding of that “other half” of me.
- Not to sound all deep, and NO, I haven’t been smoking the “Thai stick”, but no matter where you are in the world, when you get to the root of it, we all speak the same language. We sleep under the same stars, we cry the same tears, and feel the same kind of love. <3 <3 <3

4/2/08 Wednesday

- Last night, I prayed, meditated, and listened to music before bed. It felt great! J
- Today was a cool, rainy, day; the breezy air feels so nice!
- I worked on my blog and watched a few slideshows from PR on my computer. I don’t know why I did that. It made me even more homesick.

- Today was a good day, I let all negative energy bounce off me as if I were a concrete wall and all of those negative thoughts or energies were those 25 cent super rubber bouncing balls from the candy machines. They are all bouncing off of me at great distances to never be found again. Just like the bouncy balls I had as a kid.
- Mom and I have been watching Indian folk-tale stories on TV. I find them interesting and extremely melodramatic; they could be easily mistaken for SNL sketches.
- My Aunt brought home the BEST Khao Phat (fried rice) today. It really pains me to say it, but it was even better than my Mom’s.
- My new favorite Thai dessert, which has always been Allan’s, is called Kanom Kok. It’s a sort of coconut custard that has a crispy edge and a gooey creamy middle, similar to a Crème Brule. They are made in little cast iron pans that have little half-moon cups that you pour the custard in. It looks like a cast-iron deviled egg holder. It is considered street food and is soooo yummy! For some reason it tastes way better here in Thailand than it does in Houston. Go figure.
- Chi Yo means cheers in Thai. It’s very fun to say aloud while pretending that you have a beer stein in your hand…Try it…Chi Yo!
- We went to dinner tonight at a place called the Green Corner, which was funny because it wasn’t green and it was in the middle of the street. My cousin P’Sang ordered the ant egg stir-fry. Yup, you read it right! I about gagged! This was something that I didn’t even want to look at. I didn’t want to be rude, and my Aunt asked me to pass her a bowl of it, and as it passed my face across the table, I think I may have puked in my mouth a little. I don’t think I could ever be brave enough to try that one. I’m sure its full of great protein, but again, umm…no thanks. I had the vegetarian soup, and a vegetarian rice noodle salad.
- I tried my first taste of Thai wine. I don’t think wine is their forte. It was very sour, almost vinegary, and fell completely flat for my taste.
- After dinner, we drove over to the Wat (temple) in town, and it was BEAUTIFUL! I have never been to a temple at night, and this place was beyond words to look at. The architecture of the structure was old, and part of it was being renovated. It still stood strong and tall, as if it was just built that morning and was ready for the whole world to enjoy its glory. There were multi-colored, ornate, mirror mosaics all over the temple, and multiple Buddha’s gilded in gold surrounding it. They all sparkled like glitter reflecting from the night sky, almost mimicking the stars and moon. It was like a small piece of heaven on earth. There was a funeral going on across the street, and you could hear the echoes of monks chanting across the whole temple. It was incredible!
- All in all, it was a great day.

4/1/08 Tuesday

- Today is April Fool’s Day…whatever; holidays like this don’t count in Thailand.
- Allan called this morning, I LOVE HIM SOOOOO MUCH! Ugh, I can’t wait to see him. It’s been way too long! This trip would be so incredible if he was here to appreciate it with me.
- It’s already off to an incredibly HOT day. It’s gonna be a scorcher!
- I’ve made the conscious decision that today WILL BE a good day.
- It was.


I woke up early this morning to the most AMAZING thunderstorm ever. The rest of the day was crap. I wrote about it in my travel journal, but wish not to share. Let’s just say that I think God is testing my will power and strength at this time. This trip is becoming increasingly hard on me, and I don’t want to let anyone, or thing ruin it for me. 13 more days to go. I can’t believe I feel this way today. I want to just let it go and start new and fresh tomorrow. “Mai pen rai” …no worries, right?

3/30 Sunday

- I woke up abruptly to my Aunt screaming in Thai to me saying something about Alien! (That’s how she says Allan) I stumbled down the stairs to catch his phone call. It was soooo nice to hear his voice. He puts me at peace. Allan knows exactly what to say to make me feel better. He is in St. Petersburg, FL right now. We both are having a difficult time with the distance thing. In the end, it will be all worth it!
- Pure example of my Mother: I told her that Allan called, and that he was sweet and said that it was weird how the other Coastie OC’s said that being away from their wives was good for their relationship, and that Allan said that he couldn’t understand that because he could spend every moment with me. Her response was, “ Oh Mischelle, he’s just telling you that to make you feel good.” Thanks Mom. (sigh)
- It just might be 150* degrees outside today.
- My Ba Dang feeds the chickens scraps and leftover food. I just watched my Mom feed the chickens- chicken bones.
- Today, I want to go “home”.
- I need to meditate.
- Thai TV has a laugh and gag reel that is insane! Wah-wah, boing, and fake laughs every two seconds, I have no clue how anyone watches the show without being completely annoyed!
- I spoke to Allan again tonight; I love that man!
- My Aunt compared me to a cow today.
- I went to bed early because the heat was just unbearable. I just read, and slept.


- Traveling to Loei today in a paddy wagon, well, a Thai Police Van with about 9 other people.
- It is 7:30 AM and they are already drinking! Oh yay…I’m riding cross-country with a bunch of drunken cops!
- I saw a baby elephant walking on the side of the road as if it were a stray dog. No one said a word about it! WTF? I may have been the only one who saw it. I am going to pretend that the little elephant made its appearance just for me. It was an adorable fella.
- There are rice fields everywhere
- We passed the hand-made basket town, sugar town, broom town, coconut candy town, and flower town, baby-banana town, all the way to Loei.
- We went to lunch with a posse of my Thai family, and I watched people eat live shrimp, or krill, or something that was still jumping in the bowl like jumping beans…Umm…no, thank you.
- We went to Gaeng Koo Koot Park. It’s right at a border town that features an outdoor shopping market with Thai goods. It is on the Mekong River and you can see Laos just on the other side. It’s a pretty amazing spectacle. I took some incredible pictures from this place.
- The Mekong River wasn’t as impressive or as vast and mighty as I thought it would be. The water was quite low, and I guess they said it has been so low because the Chinese has built dams (to which they deny) that slow the flow of this historical river. The river starts at China, through Myanmar, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, and Vietnam. Southeast Asia History 101.
- We went to my Cousin’s house and sat around the front yard, while the drunken police officers (and Fred) attempted to play the guitar and sing American, John Denver-esque songs.
- We then went to dinner in downtown Loei; I was so not hungry…I’m SO over food at this point.
- I miss Allan terribly; he starts his 2-week cruise today- I think.
- I am sending him sweet thoughts and safe dreams…Whoa, I AM TIRED…reverse that.
- After a long drive back to my Aunt’s…Good Night.

3/28/08 Friday

- TGIF, right? 1 day closer to seeing Allan!
- Mom and I went for our morning walk, and listened to the community morning announcements over the loud speakers. There are speakers on the light posts all around the village.
- I put make-up on Ba Dang and my Mom this morning and made them “Suay Mak” (very beautiful!)
- We then went into town and had lunch with their pretty new looks.
- We went to the tailors to check the progress on our custom-made outfits. Mom’s stuff looks great so far! They were still working on mine. It’s amazing how quickly they whip this stuff up. Its true craftsmanship. We just showed them pictures, and they made it!
- We went to the grocery store because I decided to make spaghetti for my Thai peeps. They never eat that kind of stuff. I made spaghetti; with a 2 very small, dusty jars of spaghetti sauce that I found way up high on the shelf at the store like no one had ever considered buying such a thing. It was Heinz, and it said spaghetti sauce, it just happened to taste more like the Heinz ketchup than anything else. It was awful! So, I added some fresh tomatoes to the mix, and a little bit of tomato paste and water to it, along with fresh basil, garlic, and diced red peppers. It still was too sweet and was an embarrassment. Oh well, I tried. I made a meat version for the rest of the family and they seemed to think it was fine and gobbled it up. I also made garlic bread and salad with homemade vinaigrette. They seemed to like the garlic bread best. (I mean really, who doesn’t?)
- Fred bought about 50 ice cream cones and popsicles from the ice cream man today. He must feel guilty about eating mine. Or he’s just hungry. I’ll choose the latter.
- My Mom was crying today because my Aunt washed her shirt and skirt, that should have been dry-cleaned; needless to say, they are ruined. She was upset because they are her favorites, and they were expensive. She was really bummed, poor Mommy. (I felt bad, but I couldn’t help but laugh) My Aunt kept saying, “Mai Pen Rai” which basically means, No worries.
- I bought more Tiger Balm today.


- I slept well last night; I spoke with Amy, which made me very happy! J That girl can lift my spirits faster than a vodka drink!
- Today, I took a cold shower and headed downtown with my Aunt and Mother.
- Mom got me the prettiest Thai gold necklace with a Quan Yin charm on it.
- I saw crickets for sale (to eat) in the market, and I forgot my camera!!! Damn!
- We went to the bank to exchange our American money for Thai baht.
- We got plane tickets to fly to Bangkok before we head home, instead of driving. Thank Goodness!
- Fred ate the ice cream that I bought for myself from the ice cream man yesterday.
- I used the neighbor lady’s internet today (her brut daughter scared me, and sat over my shoulder and stared at me, and gave me the one handed sawadee ka…creepy)
- I miss my friends and family back home.
- My Aunt cracks me up!
- I need to work out.
- They don’t use tampons here… just pads.
- Mosquitoes heart Mischelle 4/eva!
- Fred said that there aren’t any zoos in Thailand. I have a travel guide, and it says that there are many zoos throughout the country.
- I went to P’Sang’s police station in the countryside. It rained so I didn’t get very good pictures. (I went with Sang, Fred and Boss)
- I saw a 1,000 year old tree, that stood tall and proud and had a small spirit house in front of it. It was an amazing sight.
- There are fruit trees everywhere in Thailand; no wonder my Mom thinks every tree or plant is edible!
- Malaria pills give me crazy-ass dreams!
- I really miss Allan today- BAD.
- Loui sent me a nice email today; it cheered me up.
- Thai candies and gum often taste like menthol cough drops.
- Thank Buddha for Tiger Balm.

March 26, 2008

- I woke up, showered and went to the Internet café in town, with Boss my cousin’s 9 yr old son. Again, everyone stared. I’m getting used to it.
- I spent 2 hours there and have no clue if the emails that I sent out went through or not…it said they “failed”
- I am homesick today.
- Every time I see a Toyota Yaris, I think of Allan (inside joke)…I see them A LOT!
- The ice cream boy is rich from this household.
- We had rice noodles and som tum (papaya salad) for lunch today…yum! J
- I spoke to Allan this morning and he got our cells hooked up with International calling, YAY! We had a great conversation, and I miss him more than any word in the Webster’s Dictionary could ever describe.
- We went to the Big C grocery store tonight and everyone stared, AGAIN. I feel like a zoo exhibit. I thought I was getting used to it, but this was just funny!
- I saw the BIGGEST spider today in the kitchen. Ba Dang killed it (Thank God).
- I had fresh baby corn for dinner tonight and it was delish! It’s much better than it’s canned cousin.
- I really would love a glass of red wine right now, and maybe a Boca burger.
- I heart Allan. <3
- I wish Fred wouldn’t talk to me like I am a 5 year old.
- I also wish he wasn’t so jealous of me and my Mom’s relationship-I AM HER DAUGHTER (that should be the name of my book)
- I miss my dogs. L This has been “ruff”…Okay; I think I may be delirious.
- I haven’t been drinking enough water.
- My nails look like crap.
- I think I am going to bed early tonight- I am grumpy.
- P.S. I am also sick of Fred saying that he’s a “happy Buddha” and calling my Mom “Mama” all the time…ugh, so annoying! It’s the worst when he says,” Mama, I’m a happy Buddha!” Ahhhh!!!!!!
- I love all of the girly-boys in this country! They all make me smile.

March 25, 2008

- I smother myself daily with 15% Deet Mosquito Repellant Lotion, and I hate it! I still get bit!
- All the time, is naptime.
- I still have cramps.
- Fred snores SO loud!
- I just wrote Allan another postcard.
- I miss Allan like crazy!!!
- I forgot my f’n ipod charger…grrr…
- Thai girls want their skin to be light and white, while American’s work hard to get a good tan. Hmmm.
- New nickname: Farang Noi (a little bit white)
- We went to the market and shopped a little today, I got some pretty cool bags, and some of the best Thai tea ever!
- I’m thinking that I am going to invent Thai tea ice cream, if it hasn’t been done already

March 23, 2008

Monday March 24, 2008

- I went for another long walk with Mom today (the scenery is so rural and different than what I am used to, it’s a beautiful change of pace.)
- We took the bus to the post office and went downtown to shop a little.
- Everyone looked at me like I was an alien. It is very unnerving.
- I got fitted today for a custom-made silk skirt suit.
- The ice cream man loves me. J Ha, ha!
- The She-man a few houses over, isn’t kidding anyone!
- Fred got Ba Dang a brand new propane “Thai stove”.
- I had Gwit Theal (Thai noodle soup) for lunch
- I miss Allan!
- My cousin P’Sang asked me to go to a cockfight with him, and I strongly declined making an aww hell-no look, while drawing fake tears on my face with my finger.
- I went walking in the town park (which is amazing), with my Mom and Thuc-Tha. We watched the most hilarious display of people doing aerobics! Especially the gay guy in spandex with the cute bubble-butt. J HA!!!
- I have cramps. Buh.

Sunday, March 23

Sunday, March 23

- I love the sound of rain falling on a tin roof (wow, that was very Norah Jones of me)
- I love the bathing ritual of Thai women. They take pride and care of their skin powdering and lotioning (another one of my made-up words), and they wear these sarongs that they switch before they shower, the dirty one- and after, the clean one. It is almost an art form all on its own.
- The toilet situation here is no fun.
- Fresh Thai fruit is unlike anything else!
- Money, my Aunt’s rottweiler, is infested with fleas, BAD. L
- I’m not sure if my Aunt and Mom are kidding with me about the arms length long lizard that lives in the house. (It makes tapping noises at night)
- Mom and I went for a long morning walk around the ‘hood this morning.
- Fred “put mak” (it’s Thai for, talks too much)
- We had a Thai breakfast of sticky rice and fried eggs…enough to make you fall back asleep again!
- I named two of Ba Dang’s nameless Min Pins; the female-Honey, the male-Houston
- Exotic flowers grow like weeds here (orchids, lilies, azaleas, etc.)
- I love watching my Mom and Aunt pick on each other just like kids. It’s easy to picture their childhood of pestering each other.
- I want to go shopping; I’m bored.
- It has been raining all morning long-YAY!
- I wish Allan was here- I love him.
- I wish my Aunt had internet access! What is a girl to do without internet for a whole month!?

March 22, 2008

-I’ve come to realize that I get my magazine obsession and naturally wavy hair from my Aunt.
-I spoke with the MIL, Genny, today and it was really nice and made me feel somewhat closer and connected to Allan.
-Fred’s feet still look like footballs (they have been swollen this whole trip)
-I’m living pretty primitively for my own taste, but my Ba Dang has a refrigerator that plays music when you open it. J
-Bugs love me
-Frogs around here sound like Puerto Rican Coquis, only with a Thai accent
-I’m BORED. Everyone wants to sleep all of the time! (Except for Ba Dang, who just does laundry and sweeps)
-Everyone in this country stares at me like I am a mystical creature; like a unicorn or something. I can’t even imagine if I was blonde!
-Thai game shows are exactly what you expect them to be- RIDICULOUS!
-In Thailand, life revolves around food. It’s not helping me lose weight, that’s for sure.
-I miss Allan.

March 21, 2008

Debbie Downer

So far, not so good. Allan called early this morning, and told me that we will be transferring to Philadelphia. It was sooo nice talking to him, although it was the hardest conversation I’ve ever had with him since he’s been gone. I think we both had our hopes up for Houston, and with us being so far apart; it was a very emotional phone call. I stood in the kitchen at my Aunt’s house, tears running down my face uncontrollably. I know that everyone was wondering WTF?
Forget the Philly part, the worst thing about this conversation is that I failed to tell Allan Happy Birthday! I feel like the worst wife ever!!! I can’t believe I did that!!! Not to make excuses, but he called right when I woke up, I was disoriented, and still had no clue what day or time it is, and I was still jet-lagged and confused! Ugh, that is no excuse… I CAN’T BELIEVE I DID THAT! I never forget these things, and I feel so terrible that I can’t even explain. I pre-sent him a card, and some gifts before my trip, but I actually spoke to him on “The Day” and didn’t say a word! I feel so awful. He had to call back after we hung up, to say, “Did you forget to say something?” I was like, “I love you???” I AM SUCH A SCHMUCK!!! I hate the way I feel right now. I wish I could just snap my fingers and magically appear before Allan, and hug and kiss him all over, and tell him how sorry I am. I know it sounds like I am beating myself up over this. It is just hard being on the other side of the world, and not able to talk to your husband when you want to, because he is at Officer’s school, and they only have half-assed working pay phones. L I just need to vent. My heart aches right now. I could tell he was bummed; my poor hubby spent a lonely birthday in CT, while his wife forgot to wish him a good one. Way to go Mischelle.

I am lying in bed right now, and there are too many things around me that make me uncomfortable:
- The bed comforter is super itchy…no sheets.
- The mattress is rock hard.
- There are several large spiders above my head.
- The fan squeals like a cricket each rotation
- There is no reading light, just a long fluorescent bulb across the room opposite of those damn spiders.
- My hip hurts
- There is no clock in here
- Allan is not next to me.
I know that I sound like a bitchy-puss, but this is really hard for me. At this point I am having such a bad day, that not even Tylenol PM can make better. I need to sleep and just pray that the next day will bring me sunshine.

Thursday, March 20th 2008

I got, well we got ripped off at the Amari Hotel in Bangkok. We were told at check-in that the cost would be $60.00 per night, so we stayed for 2 nights. At checkout we were told it was over $300.00 a night and that there was nothing they could do about that. I was so angry that I was shaking! I did my best to stay composed, and realized that without anything written on paper, I could not prove this statement. I sucked it up, paid, and left.
After we left the hotel, we went to the Royal Palace and temple in Bangkok. It was incredibly beautiful! The King’s sister recently passed away from cancer, and everyone was there wearing black, and was there to pay his or her respects. Well, my Aunt warned us of this and we prepared by wearing black. Little did I know that it could not be sleeveless? So it was a small fiasco finding the farang some type of cover-up to hide my shoulders. My Aunt’s BFF’s daughter (did you get that?), works at the Royal Palace, and found me some light blue work shirt to put on so that I could even enter the grounds. It made me stick-out like a sore thumb even more! Here, we did a quick 2-hour tour (apparently this should be an all-day event), and I was able to see the infamous Emerald Buddha. This is a gorgeous Buddha that is inside a temple that is made completely of the precious stone. It was breath taking. I prayed, donated a few baht, and left feeling a little more cultured and schooled in Thai history.

We left the Royal Palace and started our trek over to my Ba Dang’s (my Aunt) house. It was about a 9-hour drive, and at this point I have no clue what day it is or what time it is. All I know at this point is that I miss Allan so bad that I want to cry. We finally get to my Aunt’s house safely in Sakkon Nakhon, and I go straight to bed and crash.

Thailand Trip! (finally)

Okay, so it’s been a while, once again, I need to get better at this. I am currently in Thailand visiting my family. This trip is a trip of a lifetime, and I am terribly sad that Allan is not here to share it with me. I want to copy some of what is in my travel journal to give you all an update. Let’s see, this trip has been pretty grueling and unbearable at times, and completely amazing and unforgettable others. I arrived in Thailand on March 17th (having left on the 15th…somehow we missed Sunday altogether).
My travel partners are my Mother, and her husband, Fred. We had a very long flight of over 20 hours that seemed to last a decade. The entire time I was wondering whether Fred was going to make it. He is an extremely large man with terrible health conditions, and probably should not have been traveling in the 1st place. We have a very hard time communicating with each other (okay, who am I kidding, we just don’t get along) and felt that maybe during this trip, we would turn a new leaf and start fresh. YEAH, right!!! I was hopeful in this pursuit, and I know the trip isn’t over, but I feel this is a lost cause. More than anything, I want this for my Mom. She doesn’t need to be stuck in the middle; it just happens. This is just a little intro to how my trip has been so far. I am halfway through at this point, and pray that it gets better.

Anyways, here is my journal entry Day 1:

It’s March 17th (I think) and I am so friggin’ tired and starved. It’s my 1st day in Thailand, and it’s already off to a terrible start. Never mind the 20 something hour plane ride it took to get here, and the fact that Sunday was completely skipped, Never mind all of the family drama that ensued the whole way here… Ugh, I am too tired to even write about it…just never mind.
I’m over it.

In between these entries we stayed in Bang Saen, Thailand, and Bangkok. We stayed on the beach one night in Bang Saen at a pretty low-end, dirty, beachside, “hotel” with no AC. It was a pretty eye-opening experience. I may be exaggerating a tad, but it kinda reminded me of the motel that Leo Dicaprio stayed at in the beginning of the movie The Beach. That evening, we ate at an amazing seafood restaurant with prawns the size of lobsters, and some of the best Tom Yum Goong (shrimp soup) I have ever tasted. My Aunt (that I had just met) and her best friend ended up bunking with me that night in my room, and we all three slept together like sardines in a can. It was interesting- two Thai women who speak no English, and little ol’ me, the farang (white-girl), who speaks hardly any Thai. If only I had it on film, so you could see the cave-man way of playing charades to get our points across.

The next day, after our complimentary breakfast of rice soup, and fried miniature fish, we headed to Bangkok. We went to a beautiful (that is understatement) temple on the way. I have never been to a temple like this before. It was sort of an outdoor temple. There were wild monkeys, amazing Chinese-style artwork, and beautiful bright colors of red and gold everywhere. This was a special place for me, and I don’t really even know why. Incense fumigated the air and there were flowers everywhere. I knelt down on my knees and prayed and prayed. I was full of emotion, not only from the trip, and Fred, and just about to start my “lunar flow”, but because I had finally made it. I made it to this place that has always left my heart a little empty. Tears slowly fell from my face, as sweat dripped from my forehead. Something overcame me as I wiped my tears so that I could see the beautiful, peaceful, shrine that was in front of me. I don’t even think I could explain what it all meant. I just know that, for that small moment in time, all I could think about was Allan, all of the people that I love so dearly, and everything that I am most grateful for. Most of all, I was grateful for being there, at that moment.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Busy, Busy, Busy...

Long time no blog...Let's see. To make a loooong story short, since my last post, I have had the MIL in town, experienced Valentine's Day without my hubby, Mother-in-law left with my dog Kekoa :(, I've been to a few parties (one of which I threw for myself), and have been trying to take advantage of living this wonderful island-life before I head to Houston. There is so much going on in my life right now, and not enough time to type and keep up! Tonight, well, tomorrow (real f'n early)I am headed back home for a couple of weeks before I go to Thailand. I'm up because I do not plan on going to bed before my 4:00 am flight, which causes me to be at the airport around 2:30 AM! UGHHHH! I am so tired and drained from trying to "close down shop" and get packed and ready for my 3 months worth of travel! I'm so stressed right now, excited,and anxious. I am toting 2 extremely large and heavy pieces of luggage, a backpack that is stuffed to the brim (turtle-style), and an 8lb. yorkie in a duffel bag. Yes, this is gonna be interesting to say the least! If there was a way I could film this all for your viewing pleasure, I'm sure it would make for a top 10 youtube video.
Let's go back a little, Allan's Mom and I had a nice time together. We didn't do everything that we thought we would do while she was here, but we did eat a lot and were extremely lazy. I'm sure that was heaven for her, she needed the vacation. She takes care of Allan's elderly Grandma and deserved a break. One whole week was probably a little too long for a DIL and a MIL to be hanging out w/out the son there; but, we made it through. Barely. I think if it were any longer, we may have strangled each other. Now, I say this on both of our behalf's. I'm not gonna lie, I had a few Ally McBeal moments, as I like to call it. You know, where you picture all of these things in your head, like a big comic bubble above my head and inside I can see a big anvil falling on someones noggin, or me wrapping duct tape around an overly talkative mouth. I think this is natural for a daughter-in-law to feel, right? Anyways, all in all, it was a nice visit and I think she only mentioned me getting pregnant like 213 times...way less than I expected. I never saw the money for that. I kid. I only kid. :) I love her.

Tony (the toad) is gone, the bastard took my quarter and ran..err..hopped! I haven't seen him around, and I think he got scared when I decided to start leaving him dishes of water to drink. There has been no sign of him, and the quarter that I used to compare his size, really is gone too! He probably bought a better place down the street, with a nice ocean view. I don't blame him.

So, last Friday I decided to throw myself a surprise going-away party. Yes, you read that right. It was tons of fun, and a lot of interesting people showed up. My neighbor, and dear friend Amanda, was well lit and made the night very fun and entertaining. I'm really gonna miss that girl. We drank lots of versions of rum punch, gallon jugs of misc. mixed drinks, played card games, and even managed to dance the night away at another party down the street. I think it all played off successfully except for the fact that the last person didn't walk out of my door until 4:00 am. I'm too old for that crap. I surprisingly wasn't hungover at all (I think because I was hosting the thing, and kept the alcohol to a bare minimum), and somehow kept the house in one piece. I will post many pictures of these events later.

On another note, Allan and I have been able to keep in pretty good touch with each other lately. We email back and forth and have been able to talk on the phone quite a bit over the past couple of days. That may sound great, but the reason we have been able to talk on the phone a lot is because he has the flu. He is basically quarantined in the medical facility at the academy. There is a phone line there that he is able to use that has NO static!!! AMAZING! My poor guy has some nasty virus/bug that has been going around. Everyone please keep in your thoughts and prayers and hope that he gets well soon. He is having to miss out on his daily activities with the rest of his platoon, but at least he is able to have a small break and rest. I'm sure his immune system has been sacrificed because he is so tired and working non-stop all of the time. Times like this make me wish I was there to take care of him. :( It kills me knowing that he is so sick and I can't be there.
So, now I am headed to Houston and sooooo excited about seeing my friends and family! I have 2 little nieces that I haven't even met yet! Its all very exciting, but terribly stressful at the same time. I feel like my brain is going a million miles an hour and I can't relax for shit. I think when I get there, I will want to sleep for 2 days straight! Although, my Step-dad's snores can be heard all the way to China. I may never get that well-deserved rest. (sigh) Here goes another adventure...I'll add more later, I'm gonna try and relax a little before the long day ahead of me. Stay tuned! Wish me luck, and safe travels! See my H-town posse soon! XOXO

Wednesday, February 13, 2008


its a total joke, people...i love my mother-in law! <3

My Mother-in-law is coming in tonight!!! I haven't had a houseguest since Kori, Andy, and Danny last came in December.  She is staying with me for a week, then she is taking my dog Kekoa with her back to CO. It makes me sooo sad to know that I will be apart from yet another family member.  I can't fly back to Houston with two dogs, so she will be watching one for me until Allan graduates.  Kekoa is going to really hate me now!  Poor little fella.  It will probably be harder on me than it will be for him.  She has two small dogs that he adores and loves to play with.  
Anyways, this little visit should be interesting.  My MIL loves the idea of me being pregnant...and I mean, LOVES.  To the extent that she said that every time she brings it up, she will give me a quarter.  I said, hell no!!!  I get a dollar!  I'm gonna be rich by the end of the week!!!  She needs to realize that there is no possible way I'm getting pregnant, unless someone invents some kind of telephone-conjugal-visit-machine.  She's probably working on that right now.  Seriously, she acts like I should be pregnant NOW.  She even jokingly threatened to poke holes with a needle in Allan's condoms!  I think it was a joke?  
That will be the trick of the week.  Lets see if I can manage to tip-toe around the whole pregnancy issue. gotta love 'em! :)
Well, I just wanted to shoot out a small update; I have to go clean now for the white-glove inspection.  Ha,ha....I'm kidding...kinda.

Monday, February 11, 2008

My Guard Toad, Tony!

Hello! I know what you're thinking...GROSS! But, just wait, give him a chance. This is my new friend/guard toad. I named him Tony. He's been hanging out right outside my front door for the past few days now. I really don't know how long he's been there. I was taking my dog Kekoa for a walk when I stumbled across this beauty. I put a quarter on the ground beside him so you can get an idea of how HUGE he is! He's a a big boy!..or girl, then she will be Toni. Anyways, I named him Tony because I think that if he were to be able to talk, he would sound much like Tony Soprano. He's a tough guy. Wha?
I like to think he is my front door guardian; making sure that no one passes who shouldn't, etc... (even if it is a few mere flies and mosquitoes) I pretend he is the replacement for my handsome prince (Allan) and is protecting me while he is gone. :)
Isn't he cute now? Don't get me wrong, I don't want to kiss him, but it is kinda fun having him around. Every time I check my mail, I say hello and he sits there in his spot chillin', not scared at all. Today I even set a little glass dish of water out for him (in case he gets thirsty?). I really don't know what to feed a frog, but as you can see, it doesn't look like finding food is a problem. Anyways, I just wanted you to meet my new buddy Tony. Maybe I should make him a cute outfit, like a pinstripe suit or a crown. Hmm...

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Emails are a wonderful thing!

Yesterday was the official day that Allan was able to start emailing me! I am soooo excited!!! He sent me an email saying:

Hey babe,

We now have email privileges! We did good today. I have to poop then go eat dinner. I miss and love you so much. Email me!

I love you,



Ha,ha! Yea, my man loves to talk about poop...isn't he romantic? ;) Its pretty incredible what you take for granted. This little email made my day! Hell, it made my week! Its nice to know that if I have something that I want to say to him, that I don't have to wait and mail him a letter anymore. By the time I get the snail mail out, whatever I had to say doesn't matter anymore. All I have to say is YAY to emails!!! :)

Thursday, February 7, 2008

"Thai Night"

Ooh, 2 in one day...lucky peeps!
Woo-Hoo! I just got off the phone with my honey!!! :) It makes me so happy when he calls. We didn't get to talk for very long, but it was great to get his unexpected phone call! He never calls on a Thursday. (Not that I've had too many phone calls) Ah, I love him.
I'm so glad that I didn't go out tonight. I did go to "Thai Night" here on base for dinner. Funny stuff... They offer different cultural food nights at the Community Center, like Thai night, Mexican night, All-American night...haha, it cracks me up. None of it is really authentic, or all that good, unless you like mashed potatoes in your tacos, or Thai food that isn't spicy. I mean, really? What is that about? I guess that it is nice that it exists though. It keeps me from having to cook. I have been hating cooking for only one these days. I've been just boiling edamame and calling it dinner; but hey, that makes for a fine dinner to me! Everyone was excited about the local pizza joint called Jimmy's having micro-brew now. See, that is AMAZING stuff considering there is only one brewery in PR and its in San Juan. So, everyone went there after "Thai Night" to partake in the lovely goodness that is a frosty beverage. I really wanted to go but, my ride bailed on me. I guess it was a good thing because I may have missed Allan's call. I guess that gives me no excuse to miss aerobics tomorrow. Better go to sleep now so I can sweat my ass off and do the Jane Fonda bright and early! I will sleep better now having heard Allan's voice. :) Nighty, night. xoxo

Super Bowl Pics

My super-duper Vegetarian Chili (that didn't win, but should have) ;) It was really good but I doubt I could ever duplicate it since I never go by a recipe! Not smart, I know.

there were three large banquet tables full o' crock-pots (mine is the silver one on the end...I arrived early and still got a sucky spot!)

Eric loves chili! :)

Still reperesentin' the Dallas Cowboys!

Two half Thai Mischelle's (she's a no s'er)!

Houston Texans in da house! (sorry Brady boy)

Looks gross, but I swear it was divine...ask the Navy guys who never knew there wasn't meat in it! ;) Muahhahhhahaaaa! They were shocked and appalled when I told them! In the end, there was no chili left. I made a full crock pot and not a single bean left for me. I guess that was a good sign! Yay, for being Texan and being able to improvise!

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Super Bowl!

Well, its Super Bowl Sunday and I am writing this while my Vegetarian Chili is doing its crock pot thing... I am waiting to see how it tastes before I decide to enter it into the base Super Bowl Chili Cook Off early this evening.  I really don't know too many people that prefer vegetarian to the usual fatty, meat-laced original.  I will see if I can pull it off and get enough "meaty" flavor in it to impress those carnivores.  ;)  Maybe they will be so drunk that they won't be able to tell the difference.

I just had an amazing 30 minute conversation with Allan!  It's crazy how fast 30 minutes can go by! I am so proud of him.  He sounded okay.  He is still incredibly busy, tired, and homesick.  He said missing  the Super Bowl was like missing Christmas.  Poor guy!  I can tell he is in much better spirits though.  Missing him drains me.  It makes me so friggin' tired.  Maybe its a slight depression (I wouldn't doubt it).  All I know is that my days have been up and down...a major roller-coaster.  Thursday was bad.  I was bummed, didn't want to talk to anyone, and I watched sad movies all day.  Friday was good.  My girl Poppy and I went to get our hair done and got pedicures, which was a blast!  Then that evening, we ordered sushi and hung out at her house with some wine and mucho laughs.  She is one of the few people here that can instantly cheer me up.  I really truly appreciate her genuine friendship. 
Yesterday, was another blah downhill kind of day  (I guess you can't win 'em all).  Our power went out last night and I was hot, and lonely, and sitting with my dogs by candlelight just wishing Allan was there.   When the power goes out (which is a very common thing here in PR), Allan usually makes me what he calls a "chillow" or "chillanket" , which is basically  a cold wet rag.  :)  He puts it on my head or under my neck so that I don't die of heat exhaustion.  I could have really used an Allan chillow last night!  I guess I could have made one for myself--but, they never are the same.  Well, I'm going to go tend to my chili and get ready for the festivities. I will take pics and post them!  

Thursday, January 31, 2008

BORING. I know...

(a beautiful red hibiscus from my backyard)

Everyone seems to ask, "What do you do while Allan is away?"...well, here you go. This is the jest. Please don't fall out of your seat with excitement.

Some things that occupy my time while Allan is away:

  • read
  • blog
  • aerobics
  • write letters to Allan
  • walk the dogs
  • yoga
  • lay in my hammock
  • meditate
  • daydream about Allan
  • watch movies(lots of them--girly ones too!)*if you have any Netflix suggestions please send them my way!
  • clean the casa
  • cook foods that Allan doesn't like
  • attempt to socialize and party w/ people on base
  • hide from people on base
  • think about Allan
  • listen to music
  • feed my addiction of being a magazine whore
  • crafts (make jewelry, scrapbook, and sew)
  • talk to my Houston friends on the phone (they keep me in check, and make sure I'm still alive and sane) Thank you!
  • beach time
  • dream about Allan
  • watch the sunsets
  • talk to Amy in between her hectic-ass schedule (she talks on the phone way too much while driving--but I appreciate it) ;)
  • retail therapy
  • i play games on my Nintendo DS (yes, I AM a dork.)
  • drink wine (lots)
  • eat dark chocolate
  • miss Allan :(

Friday, January 25, 2008

What tha?


Yay! I had a 20 min. conversation with Allan last night! It was so awesome getting to talk for more than just a few minutes. Hearing his voice, although muffled, made me so happy! :) This time, it sounded like he was talking in a barrel--no Cheeto's.
He said that things were getting a little bit better, that he was extremely busy, and that he was really homesick. My poor man. He told me to enjoy Puerto Rico while I am here because "it is a real gem". I knew at that moment he was really missing it here, and freezing his tooshie off in CT! I will do my best-- for him, and my own sanity, to enjoy what this island has to offer before I leave.

Kekoa (our Manchester Terrier) is really mad at me. I think he thinks that I killed his Daddy or something. He keeps looking at me across the room, glaring, and seems to be thinking, "what the hell did you do to my Daddy, lady?". He will sit there and look at me and whine, cry, then start howling. I take him for 2 walks a day, feed him a thousand scooby snacks a day, and give him SO much attention. I have no clue what else to do? I've told him," Daddy is away, and will be back...I promise." The damn dog just snubs me. Maybe I should make a giant cardboard cut-out and leave Allan standing in the living room so that Kekoa feels reassured. Hmm...thats a great idea! That might sooth me as well. :) I can bring him into the kitchen when I'm cooking, or in the backyard when I am laying in my hammock...ahh, just like if he were home. Bed time might be awkward, but I'm willing to give it a shot.

Oh, and today I had the oddest thing happen to me. I was sitting on the couch reading a People magazine (my favorite guilty pleasure), and I got up to check the mail. When I got up, literally within seconds, my magazine disappeared!!! I mean, disappeared. Really. Then my friend Amy called, and I was on the phone with her looking for it. I looked under the couch, behind the couch, and even under the cushions like Amy said. NOTHING. I had one little quilt on the couch, and the magazine, and me. Where the hell could this thing have gone??? I didn't carry it with me to get the mail...I seriously looked EVERYWHERE. I got off the phone with Amy, and it was driving me batty! I HAD to find out where it was. It couldn't have disappeared into thin air...or could it have? Possibly?...Nah! But, what if? What if someone or something was playing a cruel joke on me. No one was home but me and the dogs...Kekoa? Well, there I was, thinking that I was going insane tearing the couch cushions off like a mad-man and...VOILA! There it was! No, not the magazine, but a tiny surgeon-like slit in the couch underneath where the cushion would lay. I lifted the slit only to find a treasure trove of goodies! There were scrapbook markers, a cd case, coins, pens, hair ties, and of course the shiny gleaming face of various celebrities staring right at me! Alas, I found the never-ending black hole that was in my couch. I'm not insane after all. Just think after all of these years, my couch was silenced by my ass and didn't say a word.

Saturday, January 19, 2008


Well, I finally got to hear from Allan tonight! It was definitely bittersweet. I knew we only had a little amount of time to talk, so I let him do most of the speaking. He sounded sad, tired, and worn-out. I could tell in his voice that it was a tough ride so far. He sounded hoarse and like his spirits were little down. It broke my heart to hear him sound so sad. It was hard for me to clearly hear what he was saying because the pay phone he was using was crappy and had so much static. It was like someone was crinkling a plastic grocery sack and eating cheetos in my ear. Hey, maybe he was eating Cheetos! I'll have to ask him about that...haha! No, I'm kidding! It was so good to hear his voice, though! I kept saying I love you...I miss you, and muttered a few other things that I don't even remember. I knew that would happen!
He said that he had been made squad leader and lifeguard...I'm not really sure what that means, but I'm pretty sure thats a good thing. He also said that he was sore, had blisters on his feet, and that his tail bone was bruised from doing so many sit-ups. He also said that he was in good shape compared to many of the others, so thats good. He made it very clear that he wanted me to send lots of letters, so I am definitely writing him once a day! My poor love...I miss him so much. Its just so hard having so many restrictions when it comes to talking to your own husband. I'm not sure when I'll hear from him again. He just told me that he'd call whenever he got the chance. Vague, I know. He said he wanted to write me a letter but every second of his day is filled. Thats ok, I'll keep sending letters from home so he knows how much he is missed and how proud I am of him. This is so hard. I just don't know of any other jobs in the world that put their employees through so much hell just to get a promotion!? I mean, really?
Gosh, I miss him so much... I wish May was here already.

This MAY be the day...

I think I'm supposed to get a phone call today! Keep your fingers crossed! I found out late last night that one of the wives got a 3 min. 45 sec. phone call with her husband. Crazy, huh? I guess I need to really figure out what I want to say to him since we have such a limited amount of time. I have a feeling its gonna be like," I miss you....aww, I love you..." all in between sobs. I'll post back later and give everyone the 411 on that.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

I heart hallmark

(trying to sleep...not gonna congested, ugh!)

Allan sent me a hallmark e-card this morning! Well, not really this morning, it was one of those deals where you can "pre-send" cards at any given date. It really cheered me up this morning (well, after I cried a little bit). Umm, I mean, I had the sniffles 'cause I'm sick...right, Amy? ;) He is so good to me. I am so lucky to have such an awesome man in my life. (sigh) I can't wait to (hopefully) hear his voice come Sunday! I will be glued to my cell-phone all day! He told me not to do that--but, whatever!? I would DIE if I missed his phone call!
So, today I feel a wee bit better. I am still congested and my head aches, but I conjured up enough strength to take Kekoa out for a nice walk. When I got home, that little bit totally wiped me out. I felt like a wheezy old lady who had smoked cigars in her closet her whole life! I borrowed a movie from my neighbor called, "Hanging Up". It was apparently Walter Matthau's last movie before he passed. It was okay. Nothing special...I guess it didn't really hit home for me.
I have no special plans for the weekend, although tomorrow I told my neighbor Jade, that I'd take her out to lunch for her B-day. It should be fun, just nice to get out of the house...I've felt like a crazy cat lady (minus the cats) being all cooped up and sick in this house.
Well, I'm going to try and sleep. 'Til next time...

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

La Cucaracha

Rosie Rivetor
I'm STILL sick! Blah, I just wish it would go away. I want to go to aerobics tomorrow but, I still have a very runny nose, and my head feels like its going to explode. I SO wish Allan was home. Times like this make it even harder. I just want someone to be here to take care of me and cuddle when need be. :)
Speaking of missing my honey, I had to get rid of a cockroach by myself last night! Yes, ma'am. It was the freakiest thing ever! I woke up in the middle of the night (to go to the bathroom and blow my nose), and I saw this thing scatter across my bathroom counter. I squealed with whatever voice I had and began to spray it with glade vanilla mint. It scurried onto my comb, and it sat there wiggling its nasty antennae at me. It was all foamy and white because of all of the Glade "perfume" that I doused it with. I grabbed a Puffs Plus and scooped it up and threw it into the toilet. I flushed the toilet, but the darn thing was a trooper and kept trying to swim to the top and wouldn't go down! I had to wait for the potty to fill back up with water, watching this roach doggy-paddle for its life, before I could flush it down again. Finally, my enemy was in sewer heaven. Yes, another reason why I miss my man...and yes, I threw away the comb.

Monday, January 14, 2008

I'm sick of it

Ugh, I'm sick. I don't have much else to say. I took two Sudafed PM's and I will be asleep shortly. I think some runny-nosed, petri dish of a kid got me to this point. I'm achey, sneezy, and my throat hurts. I really miss my man right now. I wish he was here. Hell, I just wish I could hear his voice. Hmm, good night.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

I'm baaa-aaack!

Okay, things have been crazy busy since I've lasted posted anything. Lets see, the holidays have come and go (which were amazing by the way)--Happy New Year! My sweetheart husband just left for OCS (Officer Candidacy School) in CT. He will be gone for 17 whole weeks! I'm only on week one and finding it extremely tough. I had to take him to the airport to send him off and it was a complete nightmare. I couldn't be happier for him and his accomplishments (it takes a whole lot to get where he is) BUT...I had no clue how much I need him in my everyday life. The evenings are the hardest, and at this point, boy do I miss having TV to watch! I go to bed, spray a little of his cologne on his empty pillow and try to find an ounce of comfort. I think about what he might be doing, and I know he has it much harder than me. Apparently, the first few weeks are like going through boot camp all over again. He's on a very strict schedule and cannot call me or write until he earns those privileges. I'm supposed to hear from him maybe next Sunday, but the time is allotted for 5 minutes at the most. This is going to be the hardest part for me. Sometimes you just want to hear their voice. I write down things to tell him, so that I don't forget when he calls. I write dumb things like: Romeo (our Yorkie)fell off the couch was funny, or I heard that country song International Harvester by Craig Morgan, and it cracked me up (jokingly, he always says it's "his song"), or that the book he has left for me to read is really great. Just anything...I so desperately want to talk to him.
I'll be okay though. I just have to stay busy and remind myself that in the end, this is all going to be the start of a whole new amazing beginning for us. They say absence makes the heart grow fonder, I never thought my heart could grow any fonder...