Thursday, January 31, 2008

BORING. I know...

(a beautiful red hibiscus from my backyard)

Everyone seems to ask, "What do you do while Allan is away?"...well, here you go. This is the jest. Please don't fall out of your seat with excitement.

Some things that occupy my time while Allan is away:

  • read
  • blog
  • aerobics
  • write letters to Allan
  • walk the dogs
  • yoga
  • lay in my hammock
  • meditate
  • daydream about Allan
  • watch movies(lots of them--girly ones too!)*if you have any Netflix suggestions please send them my way!
  • clean the casa
  • cook foods that Allan doesn't like
  • attempt to socialize and party w/ people on base
  • hide from people on base
  • think about Allan
  • listen to music
  • feed my addiction of being a magazine whore
  • crafts (make jewelry, scrapbook, and sew)
  • talk to my Houston friends on the phone (they keep me in check, and make sure I'm still alive and sane) Thank you!
  • beach time
  • dream about Allan
  • watch the sunsets
  • talk to Amy in between her hectic-ass schedule (she talks on the phone way too much while driving--but I appreciate it) ;)
  • retail therapy
  • i play games on my Nintendo DS (yes, I AM a dork.)
  • drink wine (lots)
  • eat dark chocolate
  • miss Allan :(