Friday, January 25, 2008

What tha?


Yay! I had a 20 min. conversation with Allan last night! It was so awesome getting to talk for more than just a few minutes. Hearing his voice, although muffled, made me so happy! :) This time, it sounded like he was talking in a barrel--no Cheeto's.
He said that things were getting a little bit better, that he was extremely busy, and that he was really homesick. My poor man. He told me to enjoy Puerto Rico while I am here because "it is a real gem". I knew at that moment he was really missing it here, and freezing his tooshie off in CT! I will do my best-- for him, and my own sanity, to enjoy what this island has to offer before I leave.

Kekoa (our Manchester Terrier) is really mad at me. I think he thinks that I killed his Daddy or something. He keeps looking at me across the room, glaring, and seems to be thinking, "what the hell did you do to my Daddy, lady?". He will sit there and look at me and whine, cry, then start howling. I take him for 2 walks a day, feed him a thousand scooby snacks a day, and give him SO much attention. I have no clue what else to do? I've told him," Daddy is away, and will be back...I promise." The damn dog just snubs me. Maybe I should make a giant cardboard cut-out and leave Allan standing in the living room so that Kekoa feels reassured. Hmm...thats a great idea! That might sooth me as well. :) I can bring him into the kitchen when I'm cooking, or in the backyard when I am laying in my hammock...ahh, just like if he were home. Bed time might be awkward, but I'm willing to give it a shot.

Oh, and today I had the oddest thing happen to me. I was sitting on the couch reading a People magazine (my favorite guilty pleasure), and I got up to check the mail. When I got up, literally within seconds, my magazine disappeared!!! I mean, disappeared. Really. Then my friend Amy called, and I was on the phone with her looking for it. I looked under the couch, behind the couch, and even under the cushions like Amy said. NOTHING. I had one little quilt on the couch, and the magazine, and me. Where the hell could this thing have gone??? I didn't carry it with me to get the mail...I seriously looked EVERYWHERE. I got off the phone with Amy, and it was driving me batty! I HAD to find out where it was. It couldn't have disappeared into thin air...or could it have? Possibly?...Nah! But, what if? What if someone or something was playing a cruel joke on me. No one was home but me and the dogs...Kekoa? Well, there I was, thinking that I was going insane tearing the couch cushions off like a mad-man and...VOILA! There it was! No, not the magazine, but a tiny surgeon-like slit in the couch underneath where the cushion would lay. I lifted the slit only to find a treasure trove of goodies! There were scrapbook markers, a cd case, coins, pens, hair ties, and of course the shiny gleaming face of various celebrities staring right at me! Alas, I found the never-ending black hole that was in my couch. I'm not insane after all. Just think after all of these years, my couch was silenced by my ass and didn't say a word.


  1. You are so weird....the couch was silenced by your ass? How do you come up with these things? It's okay, I love you anyway. XO

  2. Love you and miss you, little lady! :)