Thursday, January 31, 2008

BORING. I know...

(a beautiful red hibiscus from my backyard)

Everyone seems to ask, "What do you do while Allan is away?"...well, here you go. This is the jest. Please don't fall out of your seat with excitement.

Some things that occupy my time while Allan is away:

  • read
  • blog
  • aerobics
  • write letters to Allan
  • walk the dogs
  • yoga
  • lay in my hammock
  • meditate
  • daydream about Allan
  • watch movies(lots of them--girly ones too!)*if you have any Netflix suggestions please send them my way!
  • clean the casa
  • cook foods that Allan doesn't like
  • attempt to socialize and party w/ people on base
  • hide from people on base
  • think about Allan
  • listen to music
  • feed my addiction of being a magazine whore
  • crafts (make jewelry, scrapbook, and sew)
  • talk to my Houston friends on the phone (they keep me in check, and make sure I'm still alive and sane) Thank you!
  • beach time
  • dream about Allan
  • watch the sunsets
  • talk to Amy in between her hectic-ass schedule (she talks on the phone way too much while driving--but I appreciate it) ;)
  • retail therapy
  • i play games on my Nintendo DS (yes, I AM a dork.)
  • drink wine (lots)
  • eat dark chocolate
  • miss Allan :(

Friday, January 25, 2008

What tha?


Yay! I had a 20 min. conversation with Allan last night! It was so awesome getting to talk for more than just a few minutes. Hearing his voice, although muffled, made me so happy! :) This time, it sounded like he was talking in a barrel--no Cheeto's.
He said that things were getting a little bit better, that he was extremely busy, and that he was really homesick. My poor man. He told me to enjoy Puerto Rico while I am here because "it is a real gem". I knew at that moment he was really missing it here, and freezing his tooshie off in CT! I will do my best-- for him, and my own sanity, to enjoy what this island has to offer before I leave.

Kekoa (our Manchester Terrier) is really mad at me. I think he thinks that I killed his Daddy or something. He keeps looking at me across the room, glaring, and seems to be thinking, "what the hell did you do to my Daddy, lady?". He will sit there and look at me and whine, cry, then start howling. I take him for 2 walks a day, feed him a thousand scooby snacks a day, and give him SO much attention. I have no clue what else to do? I've told him," Daddy is away, and will be back...I promise." The damn dog just snubs me. Maybe I should make a giant cardboard cut-out and leave Allan standing in the living room so that Kekoa feels reassured. Hmm...thats a great idea! That might sooth me as well. :) I can bring him into the kitchen when I'm cooking, or in the backyard when I am laying in my hammock...ahh, just like if he were home. Bed time might be awkward, but I'm willing to give it a shot.

Oh, and today I had the oddest thing happen to me. I was sitting on the couch reading a People magazine (my favorite guilty pleasure), and I got up to check the mail. When I got up, literally within seconds, my magazine disappeared!!! I mean, disappeared. Really. Then my friend Amy called, and I was on the phone with her looking for it. I looked under the couch, behind the couch, and even under the cushions like Amy said. NOTHING. I had one little quilt on the couch, and the magazine, and me. Where the hell could this thing have gone??? I didn't carry it with me to get the mail...I seriously looked EVERYWHERE. I got off the phone with Amy, and it was driving me batty! I HAD to find out where it was. It couldn't have disappeared into thin air...or could it have? Possibly?...Nah! But, what if? What if someone or something was playing a cruel joke on me. No one was home but me and the dogs...Kekoa? Well, there I was, thinking that I was going insane tearing the couch cushions off like a mad-man and...VOILA! There it was! No, not the magazine, but a tiny surgeon-like slit in the couch underneath where the cushion would lay. I lifted the slit only to find a treasure trove of goodies! There were scrapbook markers, a cd case, coins, pens, hair ties, and of course the shiny gleaming face of various celebrities staring right at me! Alas, I found the never-ending black hole that was in my couch. I'm not insane after all. Just think after all of these years, my couch was silenced by my ass and didn't say a word.

Saturday, January 19, 2008


Well, I finally got to hear from Allan tonight! It was definitely bittersweet. I knew we only had a little amount of time to talk, so I let him do most of the speaking. He sounded sad, tired, and worn-out. I could tell in his voice that it was a tough ride so far. He sounded hoarse and like his spirits were little down. It broke my heart to hear him sound so sad. It was hard for me to clearly hear what he was saying because the pay phone he was using was crappy and had so much static. It was like someone was crinkling a plastic grocery sack and eating cheetos in my ear. Hey, maybe he was eating Cheetos! I'll have to ask him about that...haha! No, I'm kidding! It was so good to hear his voice, though! I kept saying I love you...I miss you, and muttered a few other things that I don't even remember. I knew that would happen!
He said that he had been made squad leader and lifeguard...I'm not really sure what that means, but I'm pretty sure thats a good thing. He also said that he was sore, had blisters on his feet, and that his tail bone was bruised from doing so many sit-ups. He also said that he was in good shape compared to many of the others, so thats good. He made it very clear that he wanted me to send lots of letters, so I am definitely writing him once a day! My poor love...I miss him so much. Its just so hard having so many restrictions when it comes to talking to your own husband. I'm not sure when I'll hear from him again. He just told me that he'd call whenever he got the chance. Vague, I know. He said he wanted to write me a letter but every second of his day is filled. Thats ok, I'll keep sending letters from home so he knows how much he is missed and how proud I am of him. This is so hard. I just don't know of any other jobs in the world that put their employees through so much hell just to get a promotion!? I mean, really?
Gosh, I miss him so much... I wish May was here already.

This MAY be the day...

I think I'm supposed to get a phone call today! Keep your fingers crossed! I found out late last night that one of the wives got a 3 min. 45 sec. phone call with her husband. Crazy, huh? I guess I need to really figure out what I want to say to him since we have such a limited amount of time. I have a feeling its gonna be like," I miss you....aww, I love you..." all in between sobs. I'll post back later and give everyone the 411 on that.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

I heart hallmark

(trying to sleep...not gonna congested, ugh!)

Allan sent me a hallmark e-card this morning! Well, not really this morning, it was one of those deals where you can "pre-send" cards at any given date. It really cheered me up this morning (well, after I cried a little bit). Umm, I mean, I had the sniffles 'cause I'm sick...right, Amy? ;) He is so good to me. I am so lucky to have such an awesome man in my life. (sigh) I can't wait to (hopefully) hear his voice come Sunday! I will be glued to my cell-phone all day! He told me not to do that--but, whatever!? I would DIE if I missed his phone call!
So, today I feel a wee bit better. I am still congested and my head aches, but I conjured up enough strength to take Kekoa out for a nice walk. When I got home, that little bit totally wiped me out. I felt like a wheezy old lady who had smoked cigars in her closet her whole life! I borrowed a movie from my neighbor called, "Hanging Up". It was apparently Walter Matthau's last movie before he passed. It was okay. Nothing special...I guess it didn't really hit home for me.
I have no special plans for the weekend, although tomorrow I told my neighbor Jade, that I'd take her out to lunch for her B-day. It should be fun, just nice to get out of the house...I've felt like a crazy cat lady (minus the cats) being all cooped up and sick in this house.
Well, I'm going to try and sleep. 'Til next time...

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

La Cucaracha

Rosie Rivetor
I'm STILL sick! Blah, I just wish it would go away. I want to go to aerobics tomorrow but, I still have a very runny nose, and my head feels like its going to explode. I SO wish Allan was home. Times like this make it even harder. I just want someone to be here to take care of me and cuddle when need be. :)
Speaking of missing my honey, I had to get rid of a cockroach by myself last night! Yes, ma'am. It was the freakiest thing ever! I woke up in the middle of the night (to go to the bathroom and blow my nose), and I saw this thing scatter across my bathroom counter. I squealed with whatever voice I had and began to spray it with glade vanilla mint. It scurried onto my comb, and it sat there wiggling its nasty antennae at me. It was all foamy and white because of all of the Glade "perfume" that I doused it with. I grabbed a Puffs Plus and scooped it up and threw it into the toilet. I flushed the toilet, but the darn thing was a trooper and kept trying to swim to the top and wouldn't go down! I had to wait for the potty to fill back up with water, watching this roach doggy-paddle for its life, before I could flush it down again. Finally, my enemy was in sewer heaven. Yes, another reason why I miss my man...and yes, I threw away the comb.

Monday, January 14, 2008

I'm sick of it

Ugh, I'm sick. I don't have much else to say. I took two Sudafed PM's and I will be asleep shortly. I think some runny-nosed, petri dish of a kid got me to this point. I'm achey, sneezy, and my throat hurts. I really miss my man right now. I wish he was here. Hell, I just wish I could hear his voice. Hmm, good night.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

I'm baaa-aaack!

Okay, things have been crazy busy since I've lasted posted anything. Lets see, the holidays have come and go (which were amazing by the way)--Happy New Year! My sweetheart husband just left for OCS (Officer Candidacy School) in CT. He will be gone for 17 whole weeks! I'm only on week one and finding it extremely tough. I had to take him to the airport to send him off and it was a complete nightmare. I couldn't be happier for him and his accomplishments (it takes a whole lot to get where he is) BUT...I had no clue how much I need him in my everyday life. The evenings are the hardest, and at this point, boy do I miss having TV to watch! I go to bed, spray a little of his cologne on his empty pillow and try to find an ounce of comfort. I think about what he might be doing, and I know he has it much harder than me. Apparently, the first few weeks are like going through boot camp all over again. He's on a very strict schedule and cannot call me or write until he earns those privileges. I'm supposed to hear from him maybe next Sunday, but the time is allotted for 5 minutes at the most. This is going to be the hardest part for me. Sometimes you just want to hear their voice. I write down things to tell him, so that I don't forget when he calls. I write dumb things like: Romeo (our Yorkie)fell off the couch was funny, or I heard that country song International Harvester by Craig Morgan, and it cracked me up (jokingly, he always says it's "his song"), or that the book he has left for me to read is really great. Just anything...I so desperately want to talk to him.
I'll be okay though. I just have to stay busy and remind myself that in the end, this is all going to be the start of a whole new amazing beginning for us. They say absence makes the heart grow fonder, I never thought my heart could grow any fonder...