Saturday, January 19, 2008


Well, I finally got to hear from Allan tonight! It was definitely bittersweet. I knew we only had a little amount of time to talk, so I let him do most of the speaking. He sounded sad, tired, and worn-out. I could tell in his voice that it was a tough ride so far. He sounded hoarse and like his spirits were little down. It broke my heart to hear him sound so sad. It was hard for me to clearly hear what he was saying because the pay phone he was using was crappy and had so much static. It was like someone was crinkling a plastic grocery sack and eating cheetos in my ear. Hey, maybe he was eating Cheetos! I'll have to ask him about that...haha! No, I'm kidding! It was so good to hear his voice, though! I kept saying I love you...I miss you, and muttered a few other things that I don't even remember. I knew that would happen!
He said that he had been made squad leader and lifeguard...I'm not really sure what that means, but I'm pretty sure thats a good thing. He also said that he was sore, had blisters on his feet, and that his tail bone was bruised from doing so many sit-ups. He also said that he was in good shape compared to many of the others, so thats good. He made it very clear that he wanted me to send lots of letters, so I am definitely writing him once a day! My poor love...I miss him so much. Its just so hard having so many restrictions when it comes to talking to your own husband. I'm not sure when I'll hear from him again. He just told me that he'd call whenever he got the chance. Vague, I know. He said he wanted to write me a letter but every second of his day is filled. Thats ok, I'll keep sending letters from home so he knows how much he is missed and how proud I am of him. This is so hard. I just don't know of any other jobs in the world that put their employees through so much hell just to get a promotion!? I mean, really?
Gosh, I miss him so much... I wish May was here already.