Saturday, May 3, 2008

March 23, 2008

Monday March 24, 2008

- I went for another long walk with Mom today (the scenery is so rural and different than what I am used to, it’s a beautiful change of pace.)
- We took the bus to the post office and went downtown to shop a little.
- Everyone looked at me like I was an alien. It is very unnerving.
- I got fitted today for a custom-made silk skirt suit.
- The ice cream man loves me. J Ha, ha!
- The She-man a few houses over, isn’t kidding anyone!
- Fred got Ba Dang a brand new propane “Thai stove”.
- I had Gwit Theal (Thai noodle soup) for lunch
- I miss Allan!
- My cousin P’Sang asked me to go to a cockfight with him, and I strongly declined making an aww hell-no look, while drawing fake tears on my face with my finger.
- I went walking in the town park (which is amazing), with my Mom and Thuc-Tha. We watched the most hilarious display of people doing aerobics! Especially the gay guy in spandex with the cute bubble-butt. J HA!!!
- I have cramps. Buh.