Saturday, May 3, 2008

3/28/08 Friday

- TGIF, right? 1 day closer to seeing Allan!
- Mom and I went for our morning walk, and listened to the community morning announcements over the loud speakers. There are speakers on the light posts all around the village.
- I put make-up on Ba Dang and my Mom this morning and made them “Suay Mak” (very beautiful!)
- We then went into town and had lunch with their pretty new looks.
- We went to the tailors to check the progress on our custom-made outfits. Mom’s stuff looks great so far! They were still working on mine. It’s amazing how quickly they whip this stuff up. Its true craftsmanship. We just showed them pictures, and they made it!
- We went to the grocery store because I decided to make spaghetti for my Thai peeps. They never eat that kind of stuff. I made spaghetti; with a 2 very small, dusty jars of spaghetti sauce that I found way up high on the shelf at the store like no one had ever considered buying such a thing. It was Heinz, and it said spaghetti sauce, it just happened to taste more like the Heinz ketchup than anything else. It was awful! So, I added some fresh tomatoes to the mix, and a little bit of tomato paste and water to it, along with fresh basil, garlic, and diced red peppers. It still was too sweet and was an embarrassment. Oh well, I tried. I made a meat version for the rest of the family and they seemed to think it was fine and gobbled it up. I also made garlic bread and salad with homemade vinaigrette. They seemed to like the garlic bread best. (I mean really, who doesn’t?)
- Fred bought about 50 ice cream cones and popsicles from the ice cream man today. He must feel guilty about eating mine. Or he’s just hungry. I’ll choose the latter.
- My Mom was crying today because my Aunt washed her shirt and skirt, that should have been dry-cleaned; needless to say, they are ruined. She was upset because they are her favorites, and they were expensive. She was really bummed, poor Mommy. (I felt bad, but I couldn’t help but laugh) My Aunt kept saying, “Mai Pen Rai” which basically means, No worries.
- I bought more Tiger Balm today.