Saturday, May 3, 2008


- I slept well last night; I spoke with Amy, which made me very happy! J That girl can lift my spirits faster than a vodka drink!
- Today, I took a cold shower and headed downtown with my Aunt and Mother.
- Mom got me the prettiest Thai gold necklace with a Quan Yin charm on it.
- I saw crickets for sale (to eat) in the market, and I forgot my camera!!! Damn!
- We went to the bank to exchange our American money for Thai baht.
- We got plane tickets to fly to Bangkok before we head home, instead of driving. Thank Goodness!
- Fred ate the ice cream that I bought for myself from the ice cream man yesterday.
- I used the neighbor lady’s internet today (her brut daughter scared me, and sat over my shoulder and stared at me, and gave me the one handed sawadee ka…creepy)
- I miss my friends and family back home.
- My Aunt cracks me up!
- I need to work out.
- They don’t use tampons here… just pads.
- Mosquitoes heart Mischelle 4/eva!
- Fred said that there aren’t any zoos in Thailand. I have a travel guide, and it says that there are many zoos throughout the country.
- I went to P’Sang’s police station in the countryside. It rained so I didn’t get very good pictures. (I went with Sang, Fred and Boss)
- I saw a 1,000 year old tree, that stood tall and proud and had a small spirit house in front of it. It was an amazing sight.
- There are fruit trees everywhere in Thailand; no wonder my Mom thinks every tree or plant is edible!
- Malaria pills give me crazy-ass dreams!
- I really miss Allan today- BAD.
- Loui sent me a nice email today; it cheered me up.
- Thai candies and gum often taste like menthol cough drops.
- Thank Buddha for Tiger Balm.