Saturday, May 3, 2008

3/30 Sunday

- I woke up abruptly to my Aunt screaming in Thai to me saying something about Alien! (That’s how she says Allan) I stumbled down the stairs to catch his phone call. It was soooo nice to hear his voice. He puts me at peace. Allan knows exactly what to say to make me feel better. He is in St. Petersburg, FL right now. We both are having a difficult time with the distance thing. In the end, it will be all worth it!
- Pure example of my Mother: I told her that Allan called, and that he was sweet and said that it was weird how the other Coastie OC’s said that being away from their wives was good for their relationship, and that Allan said that he couldn’t understand that because he could spend every moment with me. Her response was, “ Oh Mischelle, he’s just telling you that to make you feel good.” Thanks Mom. (sigh)
- It just might be 150* degrees outside today.
- My Ba Dang feeds the chickens scraps and leftover food. I just watched my Mom feed the chickens- chicken bones.
- Today, I want to go “home”.
- I need to meditate.
- Thai TV has a laugh and gag reel that is insane! Wah-wah, boing, and fake laughs every two seconds, I have no clue how anyone watches the show without being completely annoyed!
- I spoke to Allan again tonight; I love that man!
- My Aunt compared me to a cow today.
- I went to bed early because the heat was just unbearable. I just read, and slept.