Saturday, May 3, 2008

March 22, 2008

-I’ve come to realize that I get my magazine obsession and naturally wavy hair from my Aunt.
-I spoke with the MIL, Genny, today and it was really nice and made me feel somewhat closer and connected to Allan.
-Fred’s feet still look like footballs (they have been swollen this whole trip)
-I’m living pretty primitively for my own taste, but my Ba Dang has a refrigerator that plays music when you open it. J
-Bugs love me
-Frogs around here sound like Puerto Rican Coquis, only with a Thai accent
-I’m BORED. Everyone wants to sleep all of the time! (Except for Ba Dang, who just does laundry and sweeps)
-Everyone in this country stares at me like I am a mystical creature; like a unicorn or something. I can’t even imagine if I was blonde!
-Thai game shows are exactly what you expect them to be- RIDICULOUS!
-In Thailand, life revolves around food. It’s not helping me lose weight, that’s for sure.
-I miss Allan.