Monday, June 9, 2008

Adios PR!

So here I am, staring at all of these Puerto Rican, Daddy Yankee-looking dudes packing away my things. I'm wondering if they are like, "Wow, this chick sure does have a lot of crap." Today they are packing our things into boxes, and tomorrow they will packing those boxes into crates. They will then go to the shipyard to be shipped far, far, away...and I won't see any of it for about a month. This week has been stressful, and hectic to say the least. Allan and I are "trying" to make the best of our last moments here without making it all about moving. Yesterday morning we went to "our beach". We nicknamed the little secret spot 'Kudda Beach' because it has lots of little baby barracudas in the water, and that name has funny high school reference that some of you readers may know. ;) Hakuna Matata! Ha,ha... I hate making inside jokes on this thing, but I had to... It was a lovely morning full of fun in the sun, then we had to come back only to realize we had SO much to do. We are at least trying to balance it all out. Its a tad overwhelming.
AN-Y-WAYS, once again, like in Thailand, I am figuring out that I am really good at charades. I think it might be the actor in me, who knows? Either that, or the fact that I enjoy running around like an ape trying to get my point across to people who don't speak Ingles. Its loads of fun. Yay. These dudes could care less about what they are doing. You can tell they are hungover, and they are wrapping my stuff up in brown paper like its a race to see who can finish first so they don't have to buy the first round. There is no motivation...I just want them to take care of my things as if they bought it themselves with their $5.25/hr paychecks....Geez, that's all I'm asking for! My back aches, and I am a fancy Vegas-style buffet to the mosquitoes. Sorry, I am crabby. Guess I need to get to the grind and contribute my energy to something useful. I can't wait until this is over with. Buh.

P.S. I think one of the guys is super hungover and puked in my backyard.