Saturday, March 14, 2009

I'm in PHILLY now y'all!

We have relocated to "The City of Brotherly Love". Which totally cracks me up because ironically, my brothers' both lived only a few blocks away from where I live now. They both went to college here and played soccer for Philly U. It really amazes me how small this world can be at times. It makes me real happy to know that I am now living in my brothers old stomping grounds.
Okay, so I have lots of catching up to far, we have moved to Philadelphia, lived in a 2 bedroom apartment in the city, went to a Madonna concert, I got a part-time job, while doing a work exchange at a nearby yoga studio, I've had my 30th birthday, had multiple girlfriends from Houston come visit (along with Allan's parents), moved to a large 3 bedroom apartment (in the same building), still taking online classes, and have since quit my part-time job to focus on school whilst working only at the yoga studio. Whew...yea, 8 months in a nutshell. ;)
Hahaha! Hope you were able to take that in, because I still don't think I have. Moving from Puerto Rico, where its sunny all-day everyday, to now living where its STILL winter and I have to wear socks--is just plain weird. I called my trainer the other week asking her if I still had to go in because it was snowing...yea, she laughed at me. I had no clue!? I don't know what to do with all of this white stuff?! I'm just a Texan living out of her element in a crazy, cold city, that at first, was reminiscent to Gotham City. Now, I have fallen in love with this ancient city, truly. I have so many incredible projects coming up and I am sooo excited for the adventures to come. None of which I will bore you with now. You will get reports from time to time now that this blog is back up and running. Woooo-hoooo!!! My online therapy sessions are back!

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  1. I love you and I am proud of the things you are doing in this "foreign" city. You are so amazing!