Wednesday, February 13, 2008


its a total joke, people...i love my mother-in law! <3

My Mother-in-law is coming in tonight!!! I haven't had a houseguest since Kori, Andy, and Danny last came in December.  She is staying with me for a week, then she is taking my dog Kekoa with her back to CO. It makes me sooo sad to know that I will be apart from yet another family member.  I can't fly back to Houston with two dogs, so she will be watching one for me until Allan graduates.  Kekoa is going to really hate me now!  Poor little fella.  It will probably be harder on me than it will be for him.  She has two small dogs that he adores and loves to play with.  
Anyways, this little visit should be interesting.  My MIL loves the idea of me being pregnant...and I mean, LOVES.  To the extent that she said that every time she brings it up, she will give me a quarter.  I said, hell no!!!  I get a dollar!  I'm gonna be rich by the end of the week!!!  She needs to realize that there is no possible way I'm getting pregnant, unless someone invents some kind of telephone-conjugal-visit-machine.  She's probably working on that right now.  Seriously, she acts like I should be pregnant NOW.  She even jokingly threatened to poke holes with a needle in Allan's condoms!  I think it was a joke?  
That will be the trick of the week.  Lets see if I can manage to tip-toe around the whole pregnancy issue. gotta love 'em! :)
Well, I just wanted to shoot out a small update; I have to go clean now for the white-glove inspection.  Ha,ha....I'm kidding...kinda.


  1. Hey, We could trade places and you could be the one that puked all morning! I hope everything goes well with the MIL Give me a call when you get a chance!