Sunday, January 3, 2010


Yay! So, the new year is here and I'm ready to conquer it! Not in a big, new year resolution kind of way, but I do have a lot of things going on right now.

I am currently working on a documentary (currently titled, "Heart of the Matter") for my yoga teacher training practicum. Yup, all by myself. Well, ok, not really. Allan is helping me film and I am interviewing lots of interesting people and basically directing it all. We will be following my journey during my yoga teacher training along with all of the mess that I am having to deal with about my hip, weight loss, being away from family, etc. Tomorrow is our first day of filming, AND it is my first "official" appointment in Baltimore (about a 2hr drive) with an orthopedic Dr. at Johns Hopkins. So much has been going on, and since the last post, I found out that I will more than likely need to get a hip replacement (yeah, I know, bad news). We have decided to go to the best possible doctor on the East coast. I did some research, and this is where it has led me--Dr. Valaik. I'm really counting on this guy. I hope we have a connection and I like him. We'll see (apparently, he's an ex Navy Seal, so that encourages me to think that he'll at least be a meticulous, and I'm assuming, an anal person) haha!

My yoga teacher training seems to be at a halt right now due to all of this "new news". I really don't want to let it stop me, but I am going to talk to the Dr. tomorrow and see what kind of advice he has to offer. For now, I am trying my best to stay positive. Maybe he will let me film some of the appointment, I don't know?

I am vowing to blog more about this whole experience...more or less just to get it off my chest. Its a great outlet for me to just let it all out. I also want to start incorporating some new things to my blog (school related). In case some of you don't know, I am going to school studying holistic nutrition (Complementary Alternative Medicine), and would love to start posting some of my recipes, holistic remedies, nutritional facts and findings, etc...
I have resorted back to my strictly Vegetarian lifestyle, bordering Vegan. Crazy, I KNOW! I mean, I am from TEXAS! I was practically raised on BBQ'd meats, and brisket. I've been a vegetarian for the past 5 years, and only in this last year have I been cheating and sneaking a filet mignon, or turkey burger or two...I know, BAD! hahaha! Hey, I am human, and now, (sigh) I know what I need to do. Plus, no lie, it makes me feel so much better...from the inside, out.

Being a veg is the only way I can guarantee the health and nutrition that I need to:
1. Keep my weight down, for the sake of this damn hip!
2. Ensure that I am putting the healthiest, cleanest foods possible into my body
3. Keep my cholesterol in check (yeah, an unfortunate genetic blessing that I have inherited...yay.)
My last blood test showed that my cholesterol went back up after I had incorporated meat back into my diet (yes, even lean meat...No, I wasn't noshing on bacon.) Believe me. I LOVE the stuff, I just know that it doesn't work with my system. I'm finding it a great challenge to cook amazing meals that don't make me miss the meat at all.
I will start adding some of my favorites to this blog. Try them out, you may even like them too! ;)
Tonight--since football is on (GO COWBOYS!), we are making vegan "bacon cheddar burgers" (a la 'Five Guys' style) and oven baked fries. Yummmtastic! :)

Peace out, and Happy New Year!!! xo