Thursday, June 10, 2010

I've been recovering nicely.  Almost too much so.  My nurse and physical therapist might even say that I need to slow down a bit.  I am just anxious to get back on my own two feet and practice yoga again.  I have been told that I am ahead of the game in recovery but behind in strength.  It has to do with the fact that I had two back to back surgeries.  Go figger...
In the meantime, I've had a lot of time to think...I need to vent and reflect...

Things that I dislike about post-surgery rehab:

  • Getting shots--thank God, my home nurse finished her last blood draw from me on Tuesday!  (I have been giving blood 2 times a week since surgery...yuck!)
  • Always having crumbs down my cleavage from eating my meals on a tray on my lap
  • Sleeping on my back all the time
  • Getting my 32 staples removed--eeek!
  • Being cooped-up in the house all day
  • Not being able to let the dogs out 
  • Being on a vitamin K restricted diet due to the Coumadin (blood thinners).  That means no green tea, kale, broccoli, lettuce-no leafy greens at all.  No salads, what?! Blasphemy!
  • Not being able to properly shave my legs or put lotion on my feet--not being able to bend over in general.  You don't realize how much you do that everyday. 
  • No physical yoga practice...ahhhh!!!!
  • Not being able to drive
  • Missing out on a lot of fun Philly Springtime events 
  • Having a giant, fresh scar down the side of my leg (I know someday I will proudly appreciate the battle wound, but right now it really sucks)
  • Being sucked into the black-hole that is Facebook and Twitter...more often than I would like
  • ridiculous muscle spasms and pain in my hip...especially when I sneeze!
  • Not being able to go on bike rides or walk the dogs
  • Painful and extremely humbling physical therapy sessions
  • Not being able to drink alcohol--this girl needs a margarita!

Things I LOVE about post surgery rehab:

  • Lots of cuddle time with the pups (I truly think they know I'm hurt and try to make me better)
  • Having both my Mom and Genny here to visit and help take care of me
  • Allan being my live-in murse (man-nurse)
  • Having others cook for me
  • Plenty of time to journal, write, and daydream about the future
  • Getting to practice a lot of reiki on myself
  • Allan doing all of the grocery shopping ;)
  • All of the wonderful care-packages, flowers, and cards! FUN! xo
  • Catching up on my Netflix queue (I've been really diggin' documentaries lately)
  • My comfy couch
  • Meditation
  • Downloading fun music/playlists to use when I teach classes again
  • Lots of popsicles! 
  • Giving my new hip the nickname "Shakira" ...yes!
  • Cute Band-Aids such as: Hello Kitty, Curious George, Sponge Bob, Mickey Mouse, and the box of various Mustaches--Nurse Sherri's favorite!
  • WWF, no not the old-school wrestling federation. That would be Words With Friends--a Scrabble application on my iphone that I'm addicted to.  Aimee Bolton, I will beat you one day!  ;)
  • My three gals: Martha, Ellen and Oprah  (I can't help it)
  • Time to read, catch-up, and reflect