Sunday, September 13, 2009

Ciao bella!

Our trip has come to an end and we are on the road again tomorrow morning. I really didn't expect to get so attached to Maine or the people like I did. I included some photos of the guest cottage that we have been so fortunate to stay in. This place is incredibly wonderful! I see us coming back again someday. I feel like the Bianco family have become family to us, and I will never forget them. I think I may have even asked if they wanted to adopt me. :) My heart is full and I feel so blessed to have been able to visit this beautiful place. We stopped by their house tonight to say goodbye and shared our last glass of wine with each other...for now. They gave us a nice bottle of french wine and some homemade blueberry jam that Mrs. Bianco made this summer. I made Mrs. Bianco (Diane) promise that she'd send me a signed copy of her cookbook that will be released later in the fall if not, early winter. We traded hugs and swore to keep in touch. They will definitely be on my Christmas card list for years to come. :)
I am now ready to head back to Philly feeling fulfilled and ready to go about my routine and everyday life.
Ciao, Bianco's and grazie mille! xoxo