Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Blue Hill Fair

I was just thinking about all of the fun that we had at the Blue Hill Fair in Maine. I thought I'd post some of the pics that I took. We seriously felt like it was something out of a movie. Everyone was holding hands with their family members, riding rides, playing carny games, holding big, pink, puffy cotton candy cones, and entering contests (quilts, crochet, produce, pies, etc.). It was a nice break from the city life. It screamed Americana. Almost too much. I couldn't believe it.

Howdy! :)

This lady made yarn from her own sheep.

I think everyone in town entered a flower from their garden to be judged.

The 3 Horse Hitch Pull (talk about horse-power!)

I really felt like we were in another era.

The farm that inspired Charlotte's Web

The sheep were super friendly, and so fluffy

This dude looked so sad. (He had GREAT hair though)

The Ferris Wheel

Sweet piglets (they were so adorable!)

We said no to fried dough,

and opted out on the Bologna Burgers...

and had Thai food (of course)! LOL! (small cart on the left)


  1. I love the little Thai food stand. All of your pics from that trip make me wish I could go there! Looks awesome!

  2. it was very fun! we really enjoyed ourselves. i want farm animals now. :)