Monday, April 5, 2010


I've been juicing quite a bit since I've been in recovery from hip surgery #1.  I'm attempting to flush out all the toxins that are in my body from the anesthesia and medications.  It just feels good to drink fresh, organic juice that you make on your own, knowing that there are no added sugars or preservatives.

A lovely friend of mine that I met while doing a vinyasa yoga teacher training workshop in Puerto Rico, Mary McGuire*, recently wrote a book called  The 7 Day Total Cleanse.  It is absolutely perfect for anyone considering a cleanse for health, weight loss, or just ridding themselves of the everyday toxins that we all encounter.  The book has a holistic approach, which incorporates yoga, meditation, juicing, and even daily beauty regimens (Mary calls them indulgences--and ooh, they are!), with an addition of creative inspiration exercises.  You don't have to be a skilled yogini to do this cleanse--she explains everything to you.  I haven't done the full cleanse and won't until after my second surgery, but I'm so excited to do it full-out!  

I've been tinkering with some of the recipes in the book, and here I tried some of the "yellow" and "green" juices.  The juices are cleverly categorized and coordinated with each of your body's chakras.  Yellow juices in the book are representative of the third chakra (located in your solar plexus) and Green is focused on your fourth chakra (your heart chakra), and so on...  If you are not familiar with the body's chakra system, Mary does a fine job explaining it to you simply.  

You could also go to
 I feel this website has some helpful explanations.

Each juice has qualities that help to open up that chakra.  Its pretty profound, yet very simple to follow.  You should give it a try. Maybe we can do it together once I get out of the hospital.  I know my guinea pig, Allan, is game.  ;)

All organic, pineapple (rind intact), green apple, lemon, celery, ginger and cilantro

by Mary McGuire-Wien

This one was sooo good! Pineapple, celery, cucumber, lemon, and yes, jalapeño!

The jalapeño in this juice adds the perfect little kick.  Its actually very refreshing!  I use my Breville juicer which to me, is the best.  It really could juice a baseball, I think.  I juiced the pineapple rinds (scrubbed well, of course) and everything!  Its well worth the investment if you think you might like to make your own fresh juice.  

I've been juicing kale, apples, carrots, ginger, oranges, pears, herbs, well...almost anything I get my hands on, really.  Its a great way to clean out the fridge!  :)
It is yummy-goodness, I swear!!! 

(Who knows some of you may be lucky enough to actually look cute in a pair of Juicy sweats after drinking enough of these! ha!!!--I think those things are horrible!)

**Mary also is the owner of American Yogini, and a beautiful eco-retreat "hohm" located on the East End of Long Island, near the Hamptons. Check out her website--its incredible! (Definitely on my bucket list!)