Saturday, April 3, 2010

Spring is in the air!

Just in case anyone out there was wondering...I haven't been blogging in a while because my computer was "out of order".  I had to get a new internal and external hard-drive and blah, blah, blah...(All I have to say is, God bless the people at the Apple Genius Bar). Anyways, I'm just happy that I didn't lose any of my photos or music.  My babies. :) 
 I did lose some contacts, but these days, with Facebook around, I don't think that will be too hard to retrieve. 

Enough about that.  I've been doing really well since the surgery.  I am no longer using two crutches, and only using one when I know I will be walking around more than 100 yards or so.   I seem to have it down around my home and down the hallways in my apartment building.  I skim the perimeter of the building or rooms like an uncoordinated child ice-skating for the first time.  It's pretty funny.  One hand on the wall at all times.  I just never know when my leg will give out.  I feel stronger every day.  

Actually, today, the husby and I went for a bike ride.  Weird, I can totally bike, but walking seems to be a problem.  I biked 11.4 miles!  I thought that was pretty amazing--considering.  It was just way too beautiful outside, and I wanted to keep going.  
We had a couple of breaks here and there.  Pit stops for water ice (I had cherry and Allan had watermelon), and lots of photo taking of all of the beautiful Spring colors outside.  Today was a sunny day in the low 70's, and the yellow daffodils were standing tall everywhere and pink and white cherry blossom trees were canopying picnic-goers all up and down Kelly Drive.  It was just gorgeous!  Ahh, I love Spring...ahh-choo! 

What a romantical day...

Love that Philly skyline!

Boat House Row

Mr. Goose (I'm guessing its a male???)

Now, I am just awaiting my May 4th surgery date (for surgery #2).  Yes, and my 7 year wedding anniversary (May 6th) will be spent at the hospital...ooh, lucky us!  We will be staying in the penthouse suite at the Johns Hopkin's Inn.  At least there is a gift shop where Allan can get me flowers!  HA!  I just had a visual of rose petals splayed all about on my hospital!  Hmm...maybe some champagne in my I.V.?  

Happy Spring and Happy Easter, everyone! xo


  1. You're still taking life by Storm even when on crutches! For some odd reason that just doesn't surprise me! I"m so glad to see that you are doing well! 11.4 miles? Mischelle is in da' house!!! You should see if Allah will rearrange the furniture in your apartment so that you can ride your bike from room to room if it's less pain for you... Just a thought. It's great to hear that you are doing well and I look forward to reading more updates! Love ya: Poppy

  2. hahahaa!!! i just read back at some of my old blogs from PR, and realized how strong of a figure you were in my life. i love you, poppy!!! (and truly miss you more than you know!) we should schedule a real chat soon. ;) xoxo